Beyond Unison spreads singing Valentines

Katey Duffy, Writer

The co-ed a cappella group Beyond Unison performed Singing Valentines on Feb. 14. Students paid $5 to have a quartet of Beyond Unison members serenade their special someone with a performance.

The group sang over 60 performances on campus and over 20 video-recorded performances were sent to loved ones off campus.

Alli Aaron ’16 and other members of Beyond Unison created the idea from similar high school projects. Their ultimate goal was to bring everyone on campus together through song on Valentine’s Day.

“One of my favorite moments was at 8 a.m. when we woke someone up by singing five consecutive songs to him. His friend had ordered five singing valentines for him! He did not see it coming at all,” Aaron said.

Other Singing Valentines included performances during lunch in the Bostwick Marketplace. In addition, some professors were serenaded before and after classes throughout the day.

The money raised through the Singing Valentines will allow Beyond Unison to produce a new CD next year for their 10th Anniversary Fall Concert. Beyond Unison will be performing on April 26 in Bucknell Hall at their 2014 Spring Concert. 

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