Comedy Column: The Exotic Delicacies of Lewisburg

Will Luckey, Columnist

There has recently been a heated debate around campus. It concerns all members of the University community and the future of this school. This debate has divided classrooms, dorm rooms, locker rooms, dark rooms, and bathrooms. Toilet stalls are littered with the thoughts and opinions of passionate students. It’s gotten too hot, too heated, kind of like my mouth after a bite of Panang curry. The fight is obviously over who sells the best Thai food in Lewisburg. It comes down to two main players: Siam Café and Chantana Thai. And then some Thai kid in my old Swartz hall who kept trying to sell me his leftovers, but I guess he doesn’t count.

It is a tough battle. On the one hand, Siam is easier to pronounce. But on the other Chantana used to have a truck popping out Pad Kee Mao Fridays and Saturdays on St. Catherine Street. So I guess both of those reasons are out of pure laziness.

Either way, Thai food is an absolute staple of Lewisburg. On Friday and Saturday nights, Chantana and Siam are so busy the wait for a table takes hours. People from all walks of life are there. It is a great cross-section of the University population. There are professors out with their families trying to avoid making eye contact with students. There are also entire first-year halls that think they are best friends for some reason that gather for dinner. There is always that one kid who doesn’t belong getting boxed out of the conversation due to his awkwardness and inability to make friends outside of his hall. Visiting parents love taking their child out with their friends for Thai food, and then spend the entire dinner talking about how much they wished you would call more. And finally, you have couples out getting over a recent fight with some Pad See Ew.

It’s a classic post-Super Saturday go-to move, and since Lewisburg doesn’t have a good deli its pretty clutch to have two solid Thai places. Overall I would say Chantana Thai is my top choice because of their outstanding service. They always do all of my homework for me, and one time they straight up gave me money out of their wallets. You can’t find that kind of service anywhere else in America … unbeatable.

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