Two New Stops added to Downtown Shuttle

Margaret Ekblom, Contributing Writer

The Bucknell Downtown Shuttles (DTS) reintroduced two new stops to the one-hour route.

The first new stop is at Weis Markets and the second stop is at Evangelical Community Hospital. Both stops were in the original route but were eliminated in 2011 to condense the travel time to one-hour for convenience.

Glenn Fisher, the director of Card Services and Student Transit, along with his staff members, perfected the route after “observed operational efficiencies” indicated that adding the two stops to the one-hour shuttle service would be more accommodating for students.

“Bucknell Student Health, in their partnerships with Evangelical and Geisinger, directs students to Evangelical Community Hospital for appointments with specialists, for medical diagnostic tests, and other services not available on campus,” Fisher said.

This will also ease the commute for students who volunteer at the Evangelical Community Hospital. Students in need of special care will be able to get to Evangelical in a faster, more convenient manner.

The stop at Weis Markets will also aid the surrounding local businesses.

“Just as visiting Sheetz, Applebee’s, and the Lickety Split Creamery are options off the Walmart stop, shopping at Weis Markets or visiting Panera Bread are options with the reintroduction of the Weis Markets stop,” Fisher said.

With these new stops, students without cars will be able to visit more stores in the area than ever before. During breaks, the DTS will run an abbreviated schedule that is posted on the Message Center and on the DTS mobile app. If students have any further questions they can download the card services and student transit app or visit the website to get all the latest updates on shuttles.

The DTS currently runs Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7:55 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 6:55 p.m.

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