Romano Drom brings gypsy music to Lewisburg

El McCabe , Opinions Editor

The contemporary Hungarian Gypsy group Romano Drom made a stop at the Campus Theatre on Feb. 26. Romano Drom performs unique music all across the country, and even in Lewisburg the Hungarian group packed the house.

Before Romano Drom got into their setlist, the band taught the audience how to dance in a Hungarian Gypsy fashion. The entire open space behind the theatre’s seats was soon filled with children, parents, students, and Lewisburg residents copying the dance moves from the performers. This interactive component added to the excitement of the show.

All of the songs that Romano Drom performed featured a melodious blend of guitars, bass/double bass, and pot and spoon drums. Audience member Scott Palmer said that the combination of instruments in the performance was “energetic, inspiring, and really a lot of fun.”

The music and interactive dancing by Romano Drom provided valuable insight into the contemporary lifestyle of Gypsies.

“I always think its great when bands come from across the country to tour–I’m exposed to a culture I’ve never seen before and wouldn’t expect to experience,” Zoe Russell ’17 said.

“I enjoyed the performance because it was upbeat and full of surprises, which kept me engaged! Hopefully the Weis Center brings them back or similar bands … I would definitely go,” Brittney Phillips ’16 said.

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