DiNO-Light dazzles audiences of all ages

El McCabe, Opinions Editor

Actors and dancers performed movements with dazzling lights on their bodies at the popular DiNO-Light show on March 1  in the Weis Center for the Performing Arts. Created by CORBIAN Visual Arts and Dance in collaboration with Lightwire Theater, a semi-finalist on “America’s Got Talent” in 2012, the show is known for dazzling audiences with electroluminescence. DiNO-Light has toured all over America and Europe.

The performers wear special suits that create flashes of light every time movement occurs. Throughout the story, performers simulated different flashes of light depending on what was occurring in each scene. More intense scenes involved rapid, red-colored, and powerful movements compared to happier scenes in the play. The performers have to make calculated and deliberate movements to create the perfect visual representation during the play.

“The storyline was cute and family friendly,” Chris McNulty ’14 said.

The main characters included one nice dinosaur, one evil dinosaur, and one man who creates the nice dinosaur. There were happy, scary, and sad scenes in DiNO-Light, which thrilled the young audience.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and my grand-kids enjoyed it as well. My six year old grandson even cried when the ‘nice dinosaur’ died. Overall, it was very well done,” Campus Activities & Programs Coordinator Ginnie Moore said.

Despite the large majority of children in attendance, professors, students, and staff members alike attended DiNO-Light. Hopefully next year, DiNO-Light will make a third appearance at the Weis Center.

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