ACE’s Canoe Battleship sends teams sinking

Sarah Och, Contributing Writer

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to play a real life version of Battleship?

A total of 32 teams got a taste of just that on March 28 and 29 at Canoe Battleship in the Kinney Natatorium as they sprayed, shielded, and soaked their way to battleship victory. The event was co-sponsored by Activities and Campus Events (ACE), Outdoor Education, and the men’s tennis and wrestling teams.

Before the madness started, all team members were equipped with a weapon of their choice: a bucket, shield, or water gun. Each team of four to five students then tried to sink their competitors before their competitors sunk their canoes.

With a double-elimination rule, each team was given the opportunity to battle two times before accepting defeat while the champions moved on to multiple winners’ rounds.

“ACE did a great job of coordinating the event. I’m looking forward to another victory next year,” final round winner Rachel Bergin ’17 said.

Alliances were made and canoes were sunk, but spirits remained high as ACE also hosted an afterparty at Uptown after all the battling was done. Food, music, and live entertainment all contributed to this competitive and fun-filled event.

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