University announces faculty writing award

Gillian Feehan, Staff Writer

The University recently announced the creation of the Bucknell University Writing Across the Curriculum Award of Excellence. The award recognizes the faculty’s contributions to the University’s writing program and will be awarded to one faculty member each year.

The award will be presented to a faculty member who teaches W1 and/or W2 writing courses in an exemplary manner. Most faculty members are eligible to receive this award, with the only major requirement being that all nominees must teach at least three courses at the University per year.

Students and faculty members will be able to nominate a professor who they think best contributes to the University Writing Program and helps students achieve the Program’s learning goals. A selection committee will then make the final decision on which nominee will receive the award.

Michael Malusis, director of the University’s Writing Program and associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, said that the award was created largely to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Writing Program and to emphasize that the Writing Program is a program for everyone.

“The intention of this award was to recognize that the Writing Program is an important part of the University and to recognize the efforts the faculty puts in [to the program],” Malusis said. “Sustaining [the Writing Program] takes commitment from the faculty across the curriculum.”

Malusis said that the University’s Writing Program is an important, University-wide program because it requires that students in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering take at least three writing courses during their time at the University. Due to the all-encompassing nature of the program, most members of the faculty contribute and have a fair chance to be recognized for their achievements.

“I think it’s great that professors will have the opportunity to be awarded for their achievements in writing. Writing is an integral part of the engineering courses at Bucknell and in the industry today, and it often isn’t recognized as such. I’m glad all [University] professors in every field have the chance to be awarded for their hard work and dedication,” Lexi Klein ’15 said.

Both students and faculty are encouraged to write letters of nomination and send them to the Provost’s Office by April 7.

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