Students spammed by prank emails

Lauren Boone, Managing Editor

On April Fool’s Day, the University experienced a campus-wide prank. University students received a series of emails that appeared to be from University administrators’ email accounts beginning the afternoon of April 1.

The person(s) responsible sent fake emails from a host site using the accounts of University President John Bravman, Executive Director of Events Management Judy Mickanis, and Dean of Students Susan Lantz.

A total of five emails were sent to the entire student body. Emails joked about a range of topics: a warning of a migrating “rogue cell of psychedelic tarantulas” that could only be evaded by “a campus-wide shutdown” and the required dress of “sun dresses” for women and “shirt and tie” for men, a request to fix the “dank internet connection,” a campus-alert issuing the return of House Party Weekend, an announcement of the restoration of banned sorority Delta Delta Delta, and more.

The source of the emails remains unknown. Further updates will be provided if received.

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