BSG releases new financial guidelines

Brianna Marshall, Staff Writer

Bucknell Student Government (BSG) proposed new student organization recognition and appropriations guidelines in response to student input.

BSG President Loren Jablon ’15, and Laura Yeckley, former director of Campus Activities & Programs (CAP) wrote the revised guidelines.

“Students asked for a more streamlined appropriations process and a fairer system. Revising the appropriations guidelines has been on BSG’s agenda for many years,” Jablon said.

Changes to the process focus accommodations that will more adequately fit the needs of student organizations. Funding decisions had previously been based on a set of classifications under labels such as academic, religious, arts and performance, interest, and more.

The type and amount of funding that was available to organizations varied based on their designation. Compensation for expenses such as food or transportation was restricted to only certain types of organizations. This system limited the possibilities for student organizations to host events and limited student involvement.

As a result of the new 2014-2015 Recognition and Appropriations Guidelines, student organizations will now be categorized based on membership exclusivity and by the level of programming.

Exclusive organizations with GPA requirements or application processes will receive a “blue” designation, whereas organizations open to all students will be designated as “orange” or “white.” Student organizations with a history of extensive successful programming are eligible for the “white” designation. These categories have the potential to create more opportunities for student organizations and additional funding for events.

The guidelines also created the Organization Review Board (ORB), a student panel that will determine the designation of all student organizations on campus. New and existing student organizations will present their mission and goals before the ORB for recognition or re-recognition. The formation of another committee with student organization jurisdiction will allow the Appropriations Committee to focus exclusively on its central purpose, the allocation of funds. This system separates eligibility distinction from funding distribution resulting in a fairer process.

The new Recognition and Appropriation Guidelines are a means of assuring that the Student Activity Fee, an expense for each student, will be distributed accordingly.

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