Men’s Lax Offense Overcomes Mount St. Mary’s By Ten

Devan Schulte, Staff Writer

After losing to Mount St. Mary’s by one goal in 2013, the men’s lacrosse team found redemption on April 5 at Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium with a 16-6 victory. Kyle Shanahan ’16 stole the offensive show with four goals, and a number of players also recorded numerous points, including some key reserves that were able to find the back of the net.

The opponent started the day off strong with the first goal, but the Bison responded with seven unanswered goals that created a gap lasting for the rest of the match. Key offensive players for the Orange and Blue were eager for a win after a tough loss to Fairfield on April 1. Standouts Sean Doyle ’16, Ryan Joseph ’15, and Todd Heritage ’14 turned the game around quite quickly to put the Bison up 3-1 within the first few minutes of play. Multiple goals from Shanahan and Thomas Flibotte ’16, along with a single goal from David Dickson ’15, helped push the score 12-3 at the conclusion of the third quarter.

The remainder of the game was played primarily by Bison reserves, but the fourth quarter action provided four more goals for the winning team and allowed a multitude of players to shine. Alex Ryan ’15 scored twice, while Brett Pearce ’16 recorded his first collegiate goal off a pass from Tommy O’Connor ’17.

“We really worked on being a lot more cohesive and proactive in our slide rotations and off ball positioning. I was really focused on dominating my matchup, and I made sure to know how to handle every situation that could come up,” Mike Schiappa ’17 said.

The Bison faceoff situation, an area the team has struggled most of the year, also showed improvement through Colin Farawell ’16 who went 9-18. Gavin Sullivan ’15 also went 4-7, allowing the Orange and Blue many more offensive opportunities and eliminating defensive pressure.

“With a big win like this, hopefully we can have confidence on offense for the rest of the season. If we can play with confidence on offense and gain momentum, we will be successful,” Shanahan said.

The men’s lacrosse Senior Day is today and will precede tonight’s matchup against Lafayette.

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