Bison take home two silver medals at Knecht Cup

Emily Evancho, Sports Editor

The women’s rowing team competed in the Knecht Cup from April 12-13. Out of the eight Orange and Blue boats, six advanced into Sunday’s final races and two captured silver medals for the Bison.

As for victories for the Orange and Blue, the Bison Freshman Eight were successful in winning the Petite Final on Sunday. Their boat pulled ahead of runner-up Villanova by almost 4.5 seconds. The Orange and Blue Lightweight Four and Eight were also triumphant. The Lightweight Four finished third while the Lightweight Eight pulled into fourth place in their final races on Sunday. The Varsity Four also grasped a second place victory in the Third Level Final, finishing before Alabama, North Carolina, West Virgnia, and Connecticut.

The Bison Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight were victorious by both placing second in their final races on Sunday. For the Varsity Eight, this is the third consecutive year that they have pulled through with a top-two finish in the Knecht Cup. The triumph was more exciting for the Second Varsity Eight as the boat jumped three spots from its previous year’s position in the Knecht Cup.

The Bison will return to action on April 26 as they face George Mason and West Virginia in their only home meet of the season.

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