Falsified email alludes to BSG voting results

Jen Lassen, Editor-in-chief

University students received a falsified email from Dean of Students Susan Lantz containing a pornographic link on April 15.

The email subject line read “[STUDENTS] BSG Constitution Results” and included a link to an “online discussion forum.” This link appeared to lead students to an online portal to discuss the extended voting deadline for the BSG constitution changes.

However, the link in the falsified email contained pornographic material.

“I was extremely disappointed that, in addition to potentially disrupting BSG’s hard work, the individual(s) who sent the forged email chose to link to a pornographic website. That poor choice highlights the disrespect and lack of civility displayed overall by this inconsiderate act,” Lantz said.

Since April 1, University students have received a number of falsified emails. Interim Vice President for Communications and Community Relations Andy Hirsch noted that the University has taken preventative steps to stop these occurrences.

“After the April 1 email spoofs, the University put into place measures aimed at preventing those types of fake emails from being sent to our distribution lists (such as the one that goes to all students). Those measures proved effective, catching multiple spoofed emails before they reached the campus community. The fake email that found its way to our students on Tuesday night shows how difficult it is to stop every single spoofing attack. Since Tuesday’s phony message, we have made additional changes to how those distribution lists are accessed,” Hirsch said.

A few hours later, University President John Bravman sent an email to all students about the falsified emails. Bravman alluded to the fact that these emails demean the importance of student email distribution lists.

“Since we use the student distribution list for a variety of university purposes, including federally mandated Clery Act and other time sensitive or emergency messaging, any loss of the integrity of these lists will viewed as an egregious compromise of campus safety. As such, a student who falsely posts to a list will be subject to suspension or expulsion under the statutory authority granted to the President of Bucknell,” Bravman said.

“I was incredibly upset when reading the email. The BSG Executive board and the entire congress worked diligently the entire semester on the proposed changes. The false email gave the inappropriate appearance that I was undermining their independent efforts on this challenging project,” Lantz said.

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