Fraternity contributes to Diversity Week on campus

Kerong Kelly, News Editor

Ernie G., a Latino speaker, activist, and comedian, led a workshop highlighting the importance of community empowerment saying that everyone has potential to succeed, on April 15 as a part of the the Biff Hoffman Diversity Lectureship series.

The event, titled “Latino Edutainment–Educating and Entertaining with a Latino Flavor,” entertained over 80 students and faculty members through a series of comedic skits.

Each year, the Academic Committee of the Phi Lambda Theta Chapter of the Chi Phi fraternity sponsors the Biff Hoffman Diversity Lectureship, which was created to bring awareness of diversity on campus and to create a discourse that will spur open dialogues.

In addition to the main event on April 15, Ernie attended a Bucknell Faculty Breakfast and Dinner. Ernie also spoke about the importance of attending college at the Milton High school on April 16, an event which was attended by over 700 high school students. While on campus, Ernie also hosted a Leadership Workshop that lasted for over three hours.

The Phi Lambda Theta Chapter of the Chi Phi fraternity has sponsored the Biff Hoffman Minority Lectureship for more than 26 years at the University. Because of his influence and empowerment on campus, the lectureship committee has changed the name to the Biff Hoffman Diversity Lectureship, in order to further recognize the importance of the discourse of diversity on campus.

“We hope to continue to strive for the understanding of a universal bond amongst all of us regardless of our background, that no matter where we come from, no matter how ordinary we may be, we have extraordinary potential to become who we really want to be,” academic committee co-chair Carlos Flores ’15 said.

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