Letter to the Editor: BSG

To the Editor:

 In light of recent events, I am extremely disheartened by misguided attempts to block an initiative that would really benefit Bucknell students. It is sad to see members of Bucknell Student Government (BSG) Congress feel threatened and attacked by their own peers after putting in hundreds of hours of work to better our university. It is additionally a shame that BSG will not move forward with the proposed changes due to what I consider unethical behavior by several individuals and misinformation. The new constitution is not about exerting power or silencing the student body. It is also not about funding. In fact, the proposed constitution is about making BSG a more democratic institution. It is about clarifying contradictory language to avoid future discrepancies in voting. It is about increasing transparency. It is about restructuring BSG to better serve its constituents. It is about putting power back into the hands of students. It is about letting voices be heard that might not have had the chance in the past. Most importantly, it is about creating a new era of student involvement at the University and a stronger community. If there is anything positive to be learned from this incident, it is that Bucknellians are capable of coming together and making a difference. Next time, I urge you, my fellow peers, to rally around a cause that is both positive and constructive. We are better than this.



Loren Jablon ’15, Bucknell Student Government President

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