The Bucknellian senior farewell reflections

Ben Kaufman ’14, former Editor-in-Chief, Fall 2013

If there is one thing that people know about me it is that I talk too much and have way too much to say about useless topics and random bits of information (basically, all details of “The Office” and “Breaking Bad”). However, as I sit here with a blank Word document in front of me, it’s hard to think of a way to sum up my experience on the newspaper into a mere 200-word article. It is hard to sum up how something so impactful can be expressed, but I will try my best.

The Bucknellian is easily one of the best things I have done during my four years here. It has helped teach me about responsibility, leadership, time management, and organization. It has taught me the importance of commitment as well as the importance of working together in a large group. While I despise staying up late and had “fomo” (fear of missing out) some Wednesday nights when all my friends were out and I was struggling to write last minute articles, the friendships I had made and the amount I achieved outweighs the struggles.

Thank you to everyone who helped made this experience worthwhile. I will never forget all the late-night food binges while we tried to frantically fill space. While it was a struggle at the time, I encourage anyone with a remote interest in journalism to get involved with the paper. You won’t regret it.


Madison Lane ’14, former Editor-in-chief, Spring 2013

How can I summarize an incredible experience that helped define my time at the University in just 200 words? After late nights waiting for articles to come in, writing fill-in articles at 1 a.m., managing a staff of upwards of 60 students, and trying to edit stories on no sleep whatsoever, this is probably actually the hardest thing I have had to do for The Bucknellian. Here we go.

I jumped into The Bucknellian my first year because some of my friends in high school had worked on our school paper, and I thought it looked cool. I went to an Editorial Board meeting, and the next day I was on a computer working on a layout (I believe “just play around for a while and you’ll figure it out” was the exact quote). Little did I know, six semesters later I would be sitting in the Editor-in-Chief chair.

I’ve seen The Bucknellian go through great times and rough times, from winning awards to our budget plummeting into the red. But I seriously would not trade a second of it. The people I have spent countless hours working with in Roberts basement are some of the most talented, funny, uplifting people that I know, and the crazy memories we’ve made will never cease to make me smile. I am so incredibly proud of everything that our staff has accomplished during my time here and cannot wait to see what they will pull off next.

Okay, 245 words. Not bad.

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