Campus Theatre to host inaugural student film festival

Katey Duffy, Staff Writer

The inaugural Bucknell University Short Film Festival (BUSFF) will unveil 13 student-made short films at the Campus Theatre on April 27 at 7:30 p.m.

The idea for the film festival originated in Academic Film Programmer Rebecca Meyers’ “Art of Film Programming” class.

Students in the class organized the details of the festival and selected short films directed by University students as well as students from the University of the Arts, Temple University, DeSales University, and Lycoming College.

For example, student filmmaker Colin Lind ’15 contributed a submission about his study abroad experience in Chile.

“My Chile is an experience based film about the 3 months I spent in Chile. My main goal was to attempt to visualize the feeling of being in a place you began to call home,” Lind said.

The funding for this project came from an allocated University fund for arts-related programming via the Association of the Arts and also from a fund that supports the campus use of screenings at the Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg.

“I wanted the class to culminate in a public event and screening, organized by the students; the process of viewing and selecting films made by other students in the state seemed like an exciting opportunity to learn about how a festival is put together, to see what other students are making, etc.,” Meyers said.

The event is free, open to the public, and several filmmakers will be in attendance. There will be a reception following the showing.

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