BSG Correction

CORRECTION: The following factual corrections should be attributed to last week’s front page News article entitled “BSG Constitution changes voted down by student body,” printed in the April 18, 2014 edition of the The Bucknellian.

-The proposed constitution, which makes up the first five pages of the document, does not include any information about “the new Appropriations guidelines” or “classifications for registered student organizations.” The student body was charged with voting only on the first five pages. All information was included to increase transparency and place the constitution into appropriate context.

– Richie Pisano ’15 did not send an email to Loren Jablon ’15 stating his reservation about the new constitution. He sent it to the [email protected] email and addressed his email to the entire Executive Board. He simultaneously forwarded the email to all fraternity and sorority presidents.

-Jablon did not write the constitution or take any significant part in its creation. Vice President of Operations Whitney Tatem ’15, along with BSG Representatives Clinton Kittrell ’14 and Mitchell McBride ’17, spearheaded this initiative.

-The Organization Review Board was established when the recognition and appropriations guidelines were approved by congress in November 2013. Brianna Marshall ’15 previously reported on this in “BSG releases new financial guidelines” on April 3, 2014.

-Pisano’s quote explains that the Executive Board’s “ … decision was clearly influenced by the results of the election.” However, Jablon urged that this was not the case.

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