Editorial: Stand up for yourself and your peers

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! To returning students, faculty, staff, and administration, welcome back! 

With the start of a new academic year, we have much to look forward to. A new year holds opportunity for better grades, more friendships, and more memories. We want to make our college experience this year even better than the one before.

Several changes that affect the campus community have already been made with this common goal of improvement in mind. Among others, the largest changes include the Borough’s Social Gathering Ordinance and the University’s Code of Conduct.

At first glance, these regulations seem restricting to students. It appears as if authoritative figures are purposefully trying to prevent students from having fun. The ordinance requires an application for permission to host a “regulated social gathering” or a party, requesting information such as the floor plan of the party location and the strategy the hosts will use to prevent minors from consuming alcoholic beverages. Needless to say, the initial reaction of the student body was frustration. The rules and regulations seem excessive and invasive, causing the majority of students to feel that their college experience will no longer be the same.


But perhaps there is another side to the story. Maybe there is a reason so many regulations have been made.

The core of both regulations hinges on protecting and upholding the integrity of the social interactions within our campus community. We are in college, and we want to enjoy it. But a college party can quickly push the borderline of fun a little too far. The carefree spirit of a party can easily spiral out of control, and the consequences can be severe. We have had numerous students sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. We have had several students endure the horrible experience of sexual assault. The reality of this is highlighted by University President John Bravman’s letter as well as the Letter to the Editor signed by over 130 faculty members supporting the victims on our campus.

It is evident that there are countless reasons these regulations have been passed. Simply put, a change needed to be made. One victim is one too many. 

This school year, we urge you to take responsibility. Take responsibility for yourself, your friends, and your campus community. I think we can all agree that our college experiences wouldn’t be the same without our friends by our sides to share it with. Without them, the good times simply wouldn’t be as good. Walking across the quad wouldn’t be as enjoyable without that classmate to share a smile and wave. Coming back to your room at the end of a long day wouldn’t be as relieving without your hallmates and roommate there to greet you. That party wouldn’t be as awesome if your best friends weren’t there to dance and sing the night away with you.

Let’s support our fellow students and friends. College is the time and the place to have fun–let’s make this school year fun for every student.

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