Cap and Dagger 24 Hour Play

Rachel Chou, Assistant Campus Life Editor

“Please refrain from rolling around on stage,” a performer told the audience at the start of the Cap and Dagger 24-Hour Play on Sept. 6. It was hard for the audience not to since they were seated in rolling office chairs for a very intimate performance in Harvey M. Powers Theatre.

The play began with performers coming up to audience members and engaging in small talk. As the play went on, it was easy to catch on that this was the theme of the play: small talk, along with the awkward conversations and situations we sometimes find ourselves in.

For example, Orientation Assistant (OA) training. What happens when someone you’ve never met comes up to you and asks you, “Do you want to see this weird birthmark on my butt?” Or when you’re in the dentist’s office, and the dentist has his tools in your mouth as he is trying to have a casual conversation with you? Or what about the 15 seconds you have to get to know someone during speed dating? This play pokes fun at the awkward moments that small talk can sometimes bring on, but in a hilarious manner.

“The short skits were such a treat, and to see my hall come support one of our fellow hall-mates was a very touching moment. I am so proud of my resident, and I cannot wait to see another one of his performances!” Dan Muccio ’16 said.

Participants in the play were members of Cap and Dagger, the theatre club on campus. They had 24 hours to brainstorm, write, and rehearse the play. Although quite a feat, it ended up being a an overall success.

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