BSCE extends titles, responsibilities

Margaret Ekblom, Staff Writer

The Bucknell Center for Sustainability and the Environment (BCSE) has updated its resources and altered its name to implement sustainability as part of its identity.

Sustainability is the relationship between social justice and the environment, and many of the issues the center deals with contribute to the University’s commitment to sustainability. Peter R. Wilshusen, executive director of BCSE, describes sustainability as a way of thinking and a process by which we constantly think about improving the status of the economy and the environment at the same time.

“Sustainability is a dynamic field,” Wilshusen said.

He said that 75 percent of the center focuses on sustainability, which prompted the BCSE to enhance their mission to further involve students. Students can now reach out to the center for job opportunities and learn how to apply sustainability to their studies, regardless of their major. Last summer, for example, over 30 students of varying majors participated in research at the BCSE. This could include Managing for Sustainability majors, Global Management majors, engineers, and humanities students.

“The Bucknell Center for Sustainability and the Environment can apply to many students that are interested in implementing sustainability to their studies,” Wilshusen said.

The programs that have been offered so far include a study on the Susquehanna River Valley and a Campus Greening program. The BCSE also serves as a resource for finding internships, independent studies, and summer research involving sustainability.

“Sustainability is a growing field, and as it progresses there will be lots of job opportunities. That is why the center is so valuable,” Amy Caporale ’17 said.

This year the BCSE will host events, including demonstration projects, symposia, workshops, film series, reading groups, and recreational opportunities to further involve the campus community in sustainable efforts.

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