Downtown Lewisburg eats reviewed

By Sarah Bookstein


Looking to grab some grub off-campus? As much as students love the Bostwick Marketplace and the Bison, it can be fun to mix it up. Though Lewisburg is quite small, it is home to a few reliable food venues that students frequent.

Probably the most notable late-night food joint for students is Market Street Deli, more commonly known as “MSD.” It is conveniently located on Market Street across from Hufnagle Park, and a hop, skip and a jump away from Town Tavern and the Bull Run. A popular stop on the way home from the bar and a destination for all students, the Deli is also a popular place for Sunday morning delights like the famous bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwich.

A restaurant more known for its class and fabulous entrees like Pumpkin Tortellini and Grilled Fillet Mignon is Elizabeth’s: An American Bistro.

“Elizabeth’s is the perfect upscale restaurant to go to with your parents. Every dish is delicious and the atmosphere is so pleasant,” Nicole Meyers ’11 said. “This is the perfect treat that we all look forward to. Every college town needs one.”

The key to having the best possible experience at Elizabeth’s is to save room for desert: this restaurant’s dessert tray is out of this world. Some of the desserts on the fall menu include a “cookies ’n’ cream” assortment, pumpkin cheesecake and carrot cake.

A relatively new addition to the café-style restaurants in town is Pronto, boasting “Provisions with Passion.” Pronto is cozy and welcoming, and certainly promises Lewisburg a steady production of turkey and brie sandwiches and amazing pasta salad far into the future. Nearby is another café-style eatery, Cherry Alley Café. Cherry Alley Café has recently been amping up its menu with Mexican-inspired dishes on Saturdays.

Peking Garden, a completely different type of experience altogether, may be the only place to get sushi near campus. Though it looks like an abandoned barn from the outside, this large restaurant boasts a BYOB policy for students of age, making Peking a popular place for sorority and fraternity pre-formals dinner parties. The restaurant is on Route 15 and St. Mary Street and serves both typical Chinese and Japanese food. A popular sushi roll is the Spicy Shrimp Tempura, and you can’t go wrong with an order of General Tso’s Chicken.

Last but not least is Ard’s Farm Market, loved and worshiped by students who have been coming here since they discovered the hidden gem. Ard’s is on Market Street but a few miles out of town on the other side of Route 15. It has a farm market store that sells everything from fresh produce to cheeses and meats, and chocolate-dipped anything and everything. Ard’s’ Roasted Turkey Breast Panini with cranberry mayonnaise and Bacon Ranch Burger are practically award-winning. Make the trip to Ard’s for breakfast, served until noon on Sundays, and pick up some groceries all in one trip.

“If you’re looking for hearty, home-cooked comfort food, Ard’s is the place to go,” Christina Anella ’11 said. “The menu is huge and can be intimidating but you can never go wrong with the cornbread, which I’ve had piled high with pulled pork.”

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