Expanding our global reach: more Bucknell-in programs available for spring 2015

Gillian Feehan, Campus Life Editor

The Office of International Education (OIE) has developed three new “Bucknell-in” study abroad programs in Athens, Greece; Cape Coast, Ghana; and Washington, D.C. for the spring 2015 semester.

The University and Penn State University have partnered up for Bucknell in Athens. The spring 2015 program is titled “History, Archaeology, Culture,” and is directed by Stephanie Larson, associate professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies. Participants will learn about Greek history and architecture while living in Athens and studying at the Athens Centre.

Bucknell in Ghana will start in spring 2015 with a program entitled “Migrations: From Africa to America and the (Re) Making of Community.” The program will explore the history of Africa and African people and is directed by Nina Banks, associate professor of Economics and Co-Director of the Africana Studies Program. Participants will study and dorm at the University of Cape Coast. Bucknell in Ghana participants will also have the chance to live with Ghanaian families.

“With the first trip that’s going in January, we are having weekend homestays so people can have a chance to observe how Ghanaians live in their homes,” Stephen Appiah-Padi, director of the OIE, said.

Students can go “abroad” without leaving the country through Bucknell in Washington, D.C. This is an internship-based program in the nation’s capital where students can learn about policy making and politics. Participants will intern with a nonprofit, congressional office, or agency while also taking classes with University faculty and at American University in Washington, D.C. The spring 2015 program will be directed by Beth Duckles, assistant professor of Sociology.

The OIE is working to add even more Bucknell-in programs around the world. Another Bucknell-in internship program is in the works in New York City, and Appiah-Padi is working to set up a program in China in the near future. The OIE is also exploring the possibility of organizing a program in Ecuador.

“We are looking forward to be able to do more business in other parts of the world,” Appiah-Padi said.

Aside from the new programs, the University also has semester-long programs established in London, England; Tours, France; and Granada, Spain.

“A major advantage of course is that you have Bucknell faculty that is there for the students to work with them and guide them in their studies,” Appiah-Padi said.

Bucknell-in programs surround students with fellow University students and faculty, which makes the adjustment to a new environment much easier. Along with the comfort of fellow University students, credits earned while participating in a Bucknell-in program transfer automatically and add to a student’s GPA.

“Bucknell en España was an amazing program because I had the chance to live in a beautiful country, learn about culture and language by speaking only Spanish with a host family, and the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and North Africa. A Bucknell-in program is an excellent choice because it provides a familiar structure that makes transferring credits easier while allowing you to make connections that can continue on campus,” Mike Pesin ’15 said.

New and old Bucknell-in programs are wonderful opportunities for University students who want to study abroad. For more information on these programs, contact the OIE or visit their website.

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