Poetry Slam

Yessi Gomez, Contributing Writer

The Stadler Center for Poetry hosted one of its annual poetry slams at Uptown on Sept. 12, featuring the award-winning poet Jericho Brown.

From hard-core poetry lovers to first-time attendees, everyone present seemed to enjoy the event.

“This was my first time attending a poetry slam. I came to support a friend, who read during the open mic portion of the night. I really enjoyed listening to all the student readings because there were so many different types of poems read, and they each evoked a different emotion. It’s so cool that so many students feel comfortable standing in front of a large group of people to share something so personal such as a poem,” Maddie Pleskonko ’17 said.

The poetry slam included an open mic opportunity for students to share their writing. The greatness of experiencing a poetry slam at the University is being in an environment that allows students to feel comfortable sharing new or old pieces of writing.

“I do have some experience with poetry slams but I think each experience I have with poetry reading is different. Tonight, I felt really comfortable sharing my poetry with all of the people here because everyone was so chill,” Xavier Carmona ’18 said.

Following the open mic portion of the night, Brown shared some of his writing from his new book, “The New Testament.” The event was followed by the opportunity to buy Brown’s book and have it signed.

The students who attended the event brought with them a high energy that transmitted throughout the room each time someone took the mic. Speakers showed their appreciation for the event and all the poetry during the night.

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