People You May Know

Jen Lassen, Senior Editor

Name: Joel Gonzalez ’15
Hometown: Los Angeles
Major: Managing for Sustainability, Spanish
Favorite campus study spot: “Lower Level 2 of the library is the place to be.”
Best recent moment on campus: “Telling a bunch of my friends I was transferring to UC Berkeley through a Snapchat I sent them a week before classes started, and going with the prank till I got back to Bucknell and they realized I was only joking.”
Name: Carolina Elizalde ’16
Hometown: Sarasota, Fla.
Major: Managing for Sustainability
Favorite campus study spot: “The Caf.”
Best recent moment on campus: “Watching a squirrel eat a whole loaf of bread.”
Name: Madeline Kling ’17
Hometown: Hackettstown, N.J.
Major: Music, Psychology, and Education
Favorite campus study spot: The basement of the Music Building
Best recent moment on campus: “Being a counselor for the BOF program (Building on Foundations pre-orientation) and joining DG have really encouraged me to continue being my best self and have enabled me to meet so many amazing new people on campus too!”
Name: John Brunner ’15
Hometown: Rogers, Ark.
Major: Theatre and Political Science
Favorite campus study spot: Library Couch Room
Best recent moment on campus: “Being asked to MC at ‘Ray for the Orange and the Blue during the most recent New Student Orientation.”
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