Forum opens dialogue about new Code, Ordinance

Madeline Diamond, News Editor

Dean of Students Susan Lantz, Buffalo Valley Police Department (BVRPD) Chief Paul Yost and Chief of Public Safety Steve Barilar answered student questions about new University and local policies at an event titled “Know the Code. Know the Ordinance. Know Your Rights” on Sept. 16. Bucknell Student Government (BSG) and Housing Services hosted the event.

The forum, held in the Weis Center, was open to all students and featured presentations by Lantz and Yost, followed by an extensive question and answer period, allowing students to converse with Lantz, Yost, and Barilar.

BSG President Loren Jablon ’15 moderated the forum.

“The program was created largely in response to the many questions and concerns students raised about the revised student code and the implementation of the downtown ordinance,” Jablon said.

Lantz began the forum by explaining the changes to the Student Handbook and Code Of Conduct, highlighting changes to the University’s disciplinary policies.

“It became clear to us that we needed to take a look at our entire Code of Conduct,” Lantz said.

She described the procedural changes and how disciplinary cases will be handled differently. With the removal of the point system, approximately seven administrators will hear conduct cases, as opposed to the prior system of one person handling each case.

Lantz also responded to student questions about the future of the University’s social culture. She said that the University is working with students to address their concerns. For example, the University has recently created the ability for students to host tailgates at sporting events with alcohol.

Yost focused on the ramifications of the new downtown ordinance and how it will affect students. Yost described the process of obtaining a social gathering permit, including the cost ($25) and the information that the form requires. The permit must include the type of beverages that will be served, the music or sound system that will be used (i.e. a live band or sound system), and a sketch of the house or yard in which the gathering will take place.

After their initial presentations, Lantz and Yost also answered various student questions about both campus and local policies.

“The event was a huge success. I was very pleased with how candidly Dean Lantz, Chief Yost, and Chief Barilar spoke about the revised code and new downtown ordinance. I was also impressed with students’ willingness to ask the panel challenging questions. The attendees seemed engaged in the conversation, informed on revised policies, and respectful of the panelists and each other … It is my hope that the forum created an open dialogue between the campus and local communities,” Jablon said.

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