BSG announces election results

Megan Ganning, Contributing Writer

Bucknell Student Government (BSG) election results were announced on Sept. 12.  The University community elected class presidents, senators, and representatives to the Academic Affairs Committee, Student Advocacy Committee, Community Affairs Committee, Diversity Committee, and Organization Review Board.

Connor McLaughlin, president of the Class of 2016, said that he, along with Class of 2016 Vice President Alex Rosen and Class of 2016 Secretary/Treasurer Ben Miller, are particularly concerned with student safety and aim to make it a top priority.

 “On a personal level, I am hoping to have a great year working with a group of highly-dedicated Bucknell students who desire to elicit meaningful change on campus. I hope to be a President who can help make that desire a reality,” McLaughlin said.

“My two main goals are to focus on class unity events and fundraising for our future senior class gift. Last year we held several successful events such as S’mores Bonding and I would love to continue hosting events that unify the class, especially after Greek life begins to divide it,” Class of 2017 President Nina Nevarez said. 

To achieve her goal of saving money for the Class of 2017 senior gift, Nevarez hopes to create another product that will be just as successful as the orange and blue tank tops that were sold last year.

“I believe that helping others is one of lifes largest gratifications. I know that I can help everyone in the class of 2018 in one way or another by being a Bucknell representative. I can help make their Bucknell experience even better,” Class of 2018 President Jeong Woo Seo (Fuzzy) said. “I know that the Class of 2018 has so much potential and I want to bring that out. My goal is to make the changes that my class wants to see.”

Class presidents are in charge of running meetings of the Class Congress, setting the meeting agendas, and being an intermediary between the class and the executive committee. This year’s class presidents are motivated and excited to start their work.

The Academic Affairs Committee is in charge of student issues in the academic realm, like helping students with classes, scheduling, and curriculum. The Community Affairs Committee deals with relationships between University students and outside communities, and organizes social events and civic engagement projects. The Diversity Committee works to diversify and unify the University community, ensuring that the Office of Admissions is trying to admit students from various cultural backgrounds as well as working to achieve an inclusive and respectful University environment for every student.

The Advocacy Committee is essentially the committee in BSG which examines Bucknell student life and the issues that may impact the quality of it. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for all students, and our purpose is to give students a resource to make change and to reform student life here at Bucknell,” Amanda Battle ’18 said. “I am excited to serve on this influential committee and look forward to advocating on the behalf of the student body.”

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