Employer Expo offers valuable opportunities

Victoria Hollo, Contributing Writer

The University’s annual Employer Expo, sponsored by the Career Development Center (CDC), was held on Sept. 23 in Gerhard Fieldhouse. The Expo offered an opportunity for students to meet employers and learn about possible career and internship opportunities.

The CDC offered a variety of events in addition to the career fair, including resume workshops, employer information sessions, and an opportunity to take a professional LinkedIN profile photo. Students were also encouraged to use the hashtag #BucknellCareerExpo to engage with other participants at the event.

On average, over 550 students and 100 employers participate in this event each year. In addition, many alumni return to campus to represent their companies at the fair. This year, over ninety employers participated in the Employer Expo. The companies covered a wide range of industries, although many were concentrated on engineering and accounting majors. The majority of the companies were from the technology, consulting, and engineering industries.

“The Employer Expo was a great opportunity to meet many talented individuals across various industries. It enabled me to gain more insight into companies within the career field I’m interested in. I am definitely glad I decided to go,” Hope Obernesser ’15 said.

The Expo allowed students to speak and network with various employers. Even if students have not chosen a distinct career path, the Expo is a way for students to explore different industries.

In addition to the Expo, the CDC is also hosting the NYC Finance Fair on Oct. 6, as well as the Health and Law School Fair on Oct. 23 in the ELC Terrace Room.

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