Use our resources

The Botany Building houses what might be the most underrated place on campus. What’s in the Botany Building? No, surprisingly it is not a greenhouse nor the biology department’s latest experiment—the building houses the Career Development Center.

The Career Development Center (CDC) offers resources for all things career-related. Students looking for jobs or internships as well as alumni employers looking for students to hire can find a wealth of tools at the CDC. To name a few, the CDC offers job search engines, personal reviews of résumés and cover letters, field-specific mentoring, practice interviews, practice standardized testing, and more.

Our strong alumni network also makes many of these externship, internship, and job opportunities available to students. The only downfall is that students do not use the CDC as much as they should.

For example, this week the CDC hosted one of its largest and most helpful events of the year—the Employer Expo. The event invited over 100 employers to campus to have information booths, alumni representatives, information sessions, and on-campus interviews, but many students did not capitalize on the event’s opportunities. These students were either unaware of the several preparation sessions offered by the CDC for the event, or they simply did not attend. The CDC can provide these opportunities, but it is up to us students to take advantage of them.

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