Late Night 7th Street

Gillian Feehan, Campus Life Editor

A crowd of students and their families gathered to watch Lara Murray ’16 on Sept. 26 in Seventh Street Café. Murray’s performance was a part of the Late Night Music Series sponsored by Activities and Campus Events (ACE).

Murray’s performance was special because it occurred during Family Weekend. Whereas student performers are usually only able to show off their talents to other University students, Murray was able to entertain a large crowd of both students and their families. Because her little brother John was present, Murray changed some of the song lyrics to entertain her brother and make him laugh. 

Murray performed a wide variety of songs including oldies and current hits from a variety of musical genres. She played everything from The Beatles to Britney Spears, and even did a unique mash-up of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People combined with “Kids” by MGMT. Murray dedicated some songs to her family members and friends who attended the performance.

“I was particularly excited about the performance because it was the first time my family had come to Family Weekend and they had never seen me perform in a setting like the café. I tried to choose songs that parents would know in addition to those that I knew were my family’s favorites,” Murray said. “It was a special performance for me–being able to see the faces of my friends and my family at the same time while I performed. My little brother seemed to especially enjoy the performance and everyone seemed to enjoy his dancing!”

The next performance in the Late Night Music Series will be held on Oct. 3 and will feature The Wingmen.


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