Women’s Resource Center offers alternative break

Hannah Paton, Staff Writer

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) will be holding a local service trip opportunity this October over fall break. The service group will work with Transitions, a local agency committed to serving survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, as they prepare to open a new shelter home in Shamokin, Pa., just 40 minutes away from the University.

The trip will commence with dinner on Oct. 10, to provide background information about Transitions and give a brief history of the region where the shelter will be located. On Oct. 10, the group will leave to begin a three-day and two-night stay in the Shamokin area.

The service projects will mainly consist of indoor and outdoor painting, as well as yard work at the site of the new shelter. The group will also take a tour of a coal mine and visit local restaurants to experience the regional flare.

“I hope these experiences will give students a greater connection to central Pennsylvania and an appreciation for the needs that exist within a very short distance of campus,” Director of the Women’s Resource Center Tracy Russell said.

 This is the first trip of its kind but the WRC plans on making it an annual event, with possible day trips to the Transitions shelter throughout the semester to continue their work.

“It is valuable for students attending Bucknell to have meaningful opportunities to engage with the local and regional community,” Russell said.

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