Letter to the Editor: LGBQT Support List

The following individuals have acknowledged the importance of publicly stating their support of the LGBTQ community. The individuals below ensure to accept and support members of our community who may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, or another marginalized sexual or gender identity.


14th Annual Faculty and Staff LGBTQ Support List

Russell Althouse, Associate Director

Barbara Cassels, Assistant Dean

Chrissy Findlay, Assistant Dean

Kara Hawrelak, Assistant Director

Jane Seaberg, Associate Director

Jim Shaynak, Assistant Dean

Robert Springall, Dean

Animal Behavior

Elizabeth Capaldi, Associate Professor

Art & Art History

Anna Kell, Assistant Professor

Melissa Kilgus, Academic Assistant

Athletics & Recreation

Connie Aucker, Athletic Secretary

Kevin Donner, Head Coach

Amanda Impellizzeri, Coach

Matt Jackson, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications

Karen Landis, Assoc. AD Recreation Services

Tim Pavlechko, Deputy Athletics Director

Bonnie Skrenta, Head Softball Coach

Dan Wolleben, Head Coach, Men’s Rowing


Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks, Assistant Professor

Ken Field, Associate Professor and Posse Mentor

Julie Gates, Associate Professor

Matthew Heintzelman, Associate Professor

Elizabeth Marin, Assistant Professor

Chris Martine, David Burpee Professor

Marie Pizzorno, Associate Professor

Rebekah Stevenson, Lab Director

Emily Stowe, Associate Professor

Kate Toner, Lab Director

Biomedical Engineering

Katie Bieryla, Assistant Professor

Donna Ebenstein, Associate Professor

Eric Kennedy, Associate Professor

Kim Schon, Academic Assistant

Bucknell Dining Services

Janelle Bossuot, Marketing Manager

John Cummins, GM of Resident Dining

Glenda Durso, (retired) Dining Service Supervisor

Bucknell Student Health

Melissa Allen, RN Student Educator

Robin Schaech, Office Assistant

Roz Yannaccone, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Bucknell University Press

Pamelia Dailey, Editorial Associate

Campus Activities & Programs

Chelsea Brown, Assistant Director

Kari Conrad, Associate Dean

Mike Duignan, Director of the CAP Center

Miriah Royal, Office Assistant

Campus Box Office

Gregory Marconi, Campus Box Office Assistant Manager

Career Development Center

Megan Adams, Program Director

Sarah Bell, Senior Associate Director

Julee Bertsch, Program Director, Alumni Career Services

Emily Dietrich, Program Director of Externships

Missy Gutkowski, Sr. Asst. Director

Pam Keiser, Executive Director

Leanne Matullo, Assistant Director

Dianne McDonald, Pre-Law Advisor

Alison Ordonez, Associate Director

Marilyn Shull, Asst Director

Megan Wolleben, Assistant Director

Center for Sustainability & the Environment

Carol High, Operations Manager

Chaplains and Religious Life

John Colatch, University Chaplain

Serena Fujita, Jewish Chaplain

Linda Godfrey, Religious Life Assistant

Chemical Engineering

Liz Clark, Academic Assistant

Tim Raymond, Chair


Will Kerber, Assistant Professor

Michael Krout, Assistant Professor

Molly McGuire, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Civic Engagement and Service Learning

Janice Butler, Director

Jess Carney, Office Coordinator

Lisa Landis, Office Coordinator

Lynn Pierson, Assistant Director

Stacey Sommerfield, Assistant Director of Service-Learning

Karen Wolfe, Youth Outreach Coordinator

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Stephen Buonopane, Associate Professor

Amy Downs, Academic Assistant

Kevin Gilmore, Assistant Professor

Jessica Newlin, Assistant Professor

Mike Toole, Professor

Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Ashli Baker, Assistant Professor

Janet Jones, Professor

Kris Trego, Assistant Professor

College Core Curriculum

Jonathan Lyons, Assistant Professor


Shana Ebright, Admin Asst to the VP

Andy Hirsch, Interim Vice President for Communications

Karen Holstead, ​​​Web Support Specialst/Web Project Manager

Paula Myers, Senior Writer

Molly O’Brien-Foelsch, Director for University Marketing & Web Content

Christina Wallace, Associate Director of University Marketing and Web Content

Daniel Walsh, Video & Motion Graphics Artist

Stephanie Zettlemoyer, Web Support Specialist

Community and Leadership

Zabrina Andres, Assistant Director

Amy Badal, Associate Dean of Students

Cait Bjellquist, Assistant Director

Theresa Brostowitz, Community Director

Josh Hartman, Director of Residential Education

Mary Klebon, Coordinator

Natalie Liston, Community Director

Barbara Perlman, Assistant Director of Sorority Affairs

Nadir Sharif, Assistant Director of Residential Education

Comparative Humanities

John Hunter, Associate Professor

Computer Science

Felipe Perrone, Associate Professor

Counseling and Student Development Center

Patricia Keeler, Counselor

Kelly Kettlewell, Associate Director

Linda Locher, Director

Padma Ravichandran, Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator

Jaxi Rothman, Counselor

Brian Schurr, Staff Psychologist/Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Programs

Marina Shafran, Psychologist

Marie Shaw, Assistant Director

Dean of Students Office

Jennifer Albright, Operations Administrator Division of Student Affairs

Susan Lantz, Dean of Students

Chip Marrara, Assistant Dean of Students

Barbara Martin, Title IX Coordinator

Dan Remley, Associate Dean of Students

Deans of the College of Arts and Sciences

Lynn Breyfogle, Associate Dean/Professor of Mathematics

Wendy Kostevicki, Administrative Assistant

Karen Morin, Associate Dean

Rich Robbins, Associate Dean

George Shields, Dean

Karl Voss, Associate Dean

Deans of the College of Engineering

Susan Baish, Assistant Dean

Keith Buffinton, Dean

Wade Hutchison, Development Engineer

Karen Marosi, Associate Dean of Engineering

Candice McGaw, Admin Assistant Engineering

Margot Vigeant, Associate Dean of Engineering

Development & Alumni Relations

Amy Baker, Manager of Family Communications

Ann Benvenuto, Assistant Director of Prospect Research and Management

Angela Brouse, Regional Director

Molly Butzer, Senior Regional Director

Terry Conrad, Assistant Director Athletics Development

Gretchen Corl, Senior Information Services Specialist

Joelle Coyle, Assistant

Brianne Croteau, Assistant Director

Ann DiStefano, Director

Mark Elliott, Senior Development Advisor

Amber Fetterolf, Specialist

Patti Flannery, Associate Director

Kathleen Graham, Associate VP DAR

Josh Grill, Executive Director

Beth Gritzer, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations

Tom Harvey, Director of Athletics Development

Michelle Imm, Assistant Director of Prospect Research and Management

Cynthia Janesch, Director, OPRM

Molly Johnson, Senior Annual Fund Manager

Sarah Kline, Assistant Director of Prospect Research & Management

Amy Levan, Assistant Director of Donor and Volunteer Relations

Mary Marshall, Coordinator

Rhonda Miller, Assistant Director of Development

Elizabeth Richer, Senior a Regional Director, Leadership Gifts

Scott Rosevear, Vice President

Abbey Scheckter, Regional Development Officer

Mary Ann Sigler Stanton, Associate Director, Leadership Gifts

Josh Trego, Assistant Director

Kaitlin Wagner, Coordinator

Chris Watters, Senior Associate Director

Janet Yordy, Assistant Director

East Asian Studies

Kate Bewley, Program Administrator to Associated Kyoto Program

Erik Lofgren, Associate Professor


Erdogan Bakir, Associate Professor

Nina Banks, Associate Professor of Economics

Dave Kristjanson-Gural, Senior Fellow Social Justice College, Associate Professor


Amy Golightly, Associate Professor

Richard Henne-Ochoa, Assistant Professor

Sue Ellen Henry, Director, Teaching and Learning Center, Associate Professor

Lakeisha Meyer, Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Judith Harris, Academic Assistant

Joe Hass, Assistant Professor

Dave Kelley, Associate Professor


Glynis Carr, Associate Professor

Denise Lewis, Academic Assistant

Ghislaine McDayter, Chair

Joe Moralez, Administrative Assistant to the Griot Institute

John Rickard, Professor

Enrollment Management

Bill Conley, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Mark Davies, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Planning

Holly Gauger, Administrative Assistant

Environmental Health & Safety

Darlene McBryan, EH&S Coordinator

Carol Pavlick, EH&S program assistant

Environmental Studies

Amanda Wooden, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies Program Director

Events Management Office

Lisa Hemrick, Assistant Director

Arris F.E.N. Moser, Information Services Supervisor

Jamie Ritter, Scheduling and Events Coordinator

Jennifer Wagner, Assistant Director

Anne Faulk, Office Assistant

Jim Knight, Senior Associate Director

Casey Kocher, Custodial

Mary Schramm, Custodial Section Supervisor

Amy Smalt, Campus Planner

Finance & Administration

Annette Baker, Bursar Services Assistant

Jamie Brouse, Campus Box Office Manager

Kathy Guyer, Director

David Surgala, Vice President Finance and Administration

Dennis Swank, Associate VP of Finance

Lori Wilson, Director of Business Services

Andrea Leithner Stauffer, Director of Financial Aid

French and Francophone Studies

Logan Connors, Associate Professor

Renée Gosson, Associate Professor

Elaine Hopkins, Associate Professor

General Counsel

Lori Barth, Administrative Assistant

Linda Bennett, Director, Immigration Services

Amy Foerster, General Counsel


Vanessa Massaro, Assistant Professor


Mary Beth Gray, Associate Professor


Jay Goodale, Associate Professor

Jennifer Thomson, Visiting Assistant Professor

Martha Verbrugge, Professor

Housing & Card Services

Stephen Apanel, Director

Human Resources

Kelley Adams-Verge, Benefits & Wellness Manager

Lisa Adams-Verge, Training and Organizational Development Consultant

Nancy Berghauer, Human Resources Coordinator

Cindy Bilger, Director

Amy Britton, Compensation Manager

Marcia K. Hoffman, Executive Director of Human Resources

Intercultural Equity and Advocacy

Thomas Alexander, Associate Dean of Students

Jennifer Figueroa, Director, International Student Services

Bill McCoy, Director of LGBTQ Resources

Myrna Perkins, Assistant

Sue Radel, Office Coordinator

Tracy Russell, Director

Vincent Stephens, Director

International Education

Stephen Appiah-Padi, Director

Trace Coats, Study Abroad Asvisor

Jennifer Fritz, Associate Director

Julie Rowe, Operations Manager

Marguerite Santorine, Study Abroad Advisor

International Relations

Emek Ucarer, Professor of International Relations

Bernhard Kuhn, Associate Professor

Languages, Cultures, & Linguistics

Pamela Glass, Academic Assistant

Helen Morris-Keitel, Associate Professor of German Studies

Library & Information Technology

Jey Bailey, Technology Support Specialist

Chloe Barnett, Arts and Humanities Librarian

Param Bedi, Vice President

Leonardo Botinelly, Web Application Developer

Mary Ann Burkland, Assistant Director for Technology Support

Jeffrey Campbell, Senior Event Technology Specialist

George Casper, Tech Support Specialist

Jen Clarke, Director, Collection Development and Access Services

Stephanie Farnsworth, Network Analyst

Jeremy Fertig, Systems Integrator

Nancy Frazier, Instructional Services Librarian

Matt Gardzina, Director of Instructional Technology

Janine Glathar, GIS Specialist

Jesse Greenawalt, Event Support Specialist

Rob Guissanie, Senior Technology Support Specialist

Jonathan Hagofsky, Technology Support Specialist

Jennifer Harper, Associate Director

Leslie Harris, Instructional Technology Support Specialist

Dan Heuer, Scholarly Communications Officer and Information Access Manager

Bud Hiller, Manager Technology Desk

Martha Holland, Reference Services Manager

Barbara Hollenbach, Cataloging Specialist

Ben Hoover, Evening Library Services Specialist

Tracy Hower, Administrative Assistant

Susanna Jackson, Project Manager

Diane Jakacki, Digital Scholarship Coordinator

Harold Kerlin, Technical Operations Analyst

Dave Kline, Technology Support Specialist

Doug LeBlanc, Business Intelligence Analyst

George Lincoln, Director Events Technology Sevices

Rita Malick, Programmer/Analyst

Dan Mancusi, Assistant Director

Crystal Matjasic, Assistant Curator

Kathleen McQuiston, Director for Research Services and Information Literacy

Garry Miller, Programmer Analyst

Isabella O’Neill, Head, Special Collections/University Archives

Jamie Piperberg, Technology Support Specialist

Carrie Pirmann, Social Sciences Librarian

Cindy Ray, Assistant Director, Classroom Technology Support

Melissa Rycroft, Manager of Technology Training

Heidi Schuerger, Application Administrator, DW/BI

Emily Sherwood, Postdoctoral Fellow

Eric Smith, Chief Information Security Officer

Jason Snyder, Librarian/Manager of Communications and Outreach

Jim Van Fleet, Librarian

Lisa Veloz, Associate Director of Project & Initiative Management

Kirsten Walter, Enterprise Systems Support Coordinator

Chris Weber, Assistant Chief Technology Officer

Mark Yerger, Assistnat Chief Information Officer

Linguistics Program

James Lavine, Professor


Doug Allen, Chair

Mihai Banciu, Assistant Professor

Jonathan Bean, Assistant Professor

Jamie Hendry, Associate Professor

Tammy Hiller, Professor

Richard Kedzior, Assistant Professor


KB Boomer, Associate Professor

Emily Dryden, Associate Professor

Abby Flynt, Assistant Professor

Peter McNamara, Associate Professor

Linda Smolka Smolka, Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Craig Beal, Assistant Professor

David Cipoletti, Visiting Assistant Professor


Bethany Collier, Assistant Professor

Barry Long, Associate Professor

Rachel Samet, Visiting Assistant Professor

Bonnie Smith, Academic Assistant

Marcus Smolensky, Artist Affiliate


Jason Leddington, Assistant Professor

Sheila Lintott, Associate Professor and Chair, WGS

Gary Steiner, John Howard Harris Professor of Philosophy

Physics and Astronomy

Katelyn Allers, Assistant Professor

Marty Ligare, Associate Professor

David Schoepf, Associate Professor

Tom Solomon, Professor

Ben Vollmayr-Lee, Associate Professor

Political Science

Doug Hecock, Associate Professor

Alexis Henshaw, Assistant Professor

Amy McCready, Associate Professor

Scott Meinke, Associate Professor

President’s Office

John Bravman, President

Carol Kennedy, Director

Procurement Services

Jaimee Fisher, Business Services Assistant

Pamela Benfer, Director of Business Operations

Sue Conway, Administrative Assistant

Gretchen Fegley, Coordinator,Graduate Studies & Summer Session

Kevork Horissian, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment

Robert Midkiff, Associate Provost, Registrar, Dean

Bridget Newell, Associate Provost for Diversity

Amie Reif, provost office assistant

Mick Smyer, Provost


Chris Boyatzis, Professor

Bill Flack, Associate Professor

Reggie Gazes, Assistant Professor

Andrea Halpern, Professor

Jennie Stevenson, Assistant Professor

Public Safety 

Steve Barilar, Chief

Selena Blue, Manager

Julie Holtzapple, Public Safety Officer

Publications, Print & Mail

Adrienne Beaver, Graphic Designer

Tom Lydon, Assistant Director

Edye Newman, Office Assistant

Kristi Randall, Publications Technician

Registrar’s Office

Dennis Hopple, Associate Registrar

Sarah Paris, Transcript Coordinator


Maria Antonaccio, Professor

Karline McLain, Chair and Associate Professor, Religious Studies Department

Rivka Ulmer, Professor of Jewish Studies

Residential College Program

Kelly Finley, Program Coordinator

Courtney Firman, Assistant Program Coordinator

Russian Studies

Ludmila Shleyfer Lavine, Associate Professor, Director of Russian

Samek Art Gallery

Richard Rinehart, Director

SBDC Administrative Program

Steven Stumbris, Director

Sociology & Anthropology

Debby Abowitz, Professor

Karen Altendorf, VAP

Clare Sammells, Assistant Professor

Spanish Department

Michael Dock, Spanish Instructor

Elisabeth Guerrero, Associate Professor

Collin McKinney, Associate Professor

Student Mail Services

Mary Scoma, retired

Mindy Yost, Mail Services Assistant

Teaching & Learning Center

Brian Gockley, Assistant Director

Laura Lanwermeyer, Assistant Director

Theatre & Dance

Paula Davis, Associate Professor

Bob Gainer, Professor Emeritus

Kelly Knox, Associate Professor

Weis Center for the Performing Arts

Lisa Z. Leighton, Marketing and Outreach Director

Kathryn Maguet, Executive Director

Women’s and Gender Studies

Coralynn Davis, Associate Professor

Erica Delsandro, Visiting Assistant Professor

Susan Reed, Director, CSREG and Associate Professor

Martha Shaunessy, Academic Assistant

Writing Center

Peg Cronin, Writing & Teaching Consultant

Loren Gustafson, Writing and Teaching Consultant

Sabrina Kirby, Writing and Teaching Consultant

Deirdre O’Connor, Director

Steve Styers, Coordinator


December 2014 Graduate

Seth Cross

Jackie Eppinger

Phuong Nguyen

Heather Smith

Class of 2015

Alex Aiello

Shaquille Anderson

Emily Arthur

Kari Ayoob

Elizabeth Bacharach

Miriam Baril

Taylor Barnett

Morgan Beams

Haley Beidel

Jess Bellwoar

Zach Berliner

Deanna Boerstler

Alexandra Boni

Heather Bothwell

Daisy Bourne

Margo Boyd

Maddie Boyle

Taylor Brooks

Molly Brown

John Brunner

Lauren Buckley

Claire Buhr

Mary Burkett

Quil Burns

Arielle Caplin

Anthony Carno

James Castellino

Amanda Chikowski

Cat Clements

Hannah Cordes

Erin Cox

Helena Craig

Melissa Cuevas

Allison Daley

Nicole Davis

Tatham Dilks

Ali Dillon

Shaneka Dixon

Minh Doan

Alex Dorado

Maddie Dulac

Melissa Dunne

Liz Emerson

Shaun Epstein

Colie Escobar

William Evans

Terra Fasold

Emma Fiore

Alanna Fitzpatrick

Ally Flessel

Ellie Frazier

Ashley Freeby

Alexis Galaini

Abigail Galloway

Steph Gonthier

Rachel Greenberg

Darby Hamilton

Katherine Harris

Sean Helverson

Heather Hennigan

Ivy Herman

Kate Hickes

Elizabeth Higgins

Rachel Higgins

Michael R. Hontz

Ken Inoue

Loren Jablon

Liam Jaris

Yili Jiang

Logan Kauffeld

Jasmine King

Kelsey Kodak

Steph Koziol

Charlotte Kress

Eric Kwiatkowski

Alexandra Lamancusa

Xavier Langford

Jen Lassen

Kumari Lewis

Joe Lundeen

Kadri Lutter

Justin Marinelli

Yiyi Maung

Seamus McLaughlin

Carolyn McPhee

Stephanie Merenbach

Tori Mold

Stephanie Morales-Lopez

Siobhan Murray

Jake Mylet

Kevin Nagle

Cameron Norsworthy

Kristen Palframan

Sarah Pelosi

Michael Pesin

Conor Pierson

Stephen Prescott

Caroline Price

Antonella Rizo

Katelyn Rothney

Nicki Sadeghipour

Rudy Sanchez

Greta Savickaite

Sydney Schiffman

Emily Schwartz

Mary Helen Schwartz

Andrea Seifert

Maddie Seymour

Jackie Shroyer

Evan Sloan

Cody Stockdale

Amari Suskin-Sperry

Audrey Tolbert

Laddie Trees

Jaclyn Tules

Marco Valdez

Brett Walter

Justin Westdyke

Zac Westdyke

Drew Yingling

Daniel Zaldana

Class of 2016

Phebe Alley

Sarah Andrews

Sarah Antonacci

Mariam Asatiani

Liz Baldwin

Meghan Balot

Paige Banfield

Natasha Bassett

Kate Binder

Nicole Birkhold

Katherine Blumin

Lydia Brents

Devon Bruzzone

DeAnna Bryfogle

Alice Butler

Meghan Byrd

Molly Cantrell

Caroline Carr

Delaney Charney

Emma Chase

Cindy Cherness

Rachel Chou

Sara Chuirazzi

Dejda Collins

Kim Combatti

Erica Coronado

Emily Cox

Christine Cremonni

Jonathan Davis

Vanessa De Leon

Tim Delaney

Annie Dempsey

Sarah Denning

Gabby DeRosa

Kate DeWeese

Somer Dice

Kiren Donaldson

Rae-Ellen Donofrio

Will Duffy

Casey Dunne

Carolina Elizalde


Ahmed Elnaiem

Polly Englot

Margot Farnham

J.T. Ferrara

Katharine Frost

James Hallam

Kelly Hanshaw

Brittley Hardrick

Amanda Hart

Melissa Hopkins

Grayson Horan

Zephaniarh Jacob

Emily Jager

Erin Jankowski

Sarah Jones

Jasmine Joyner

Claire Kawoczka

Eint Khin

Vicki Klein

Jesse Klug

Katie Kuntzman

Darren Kusar

Elaine Lac

Stephanie Lange

Stephanie LaVenture

Emma Levendoski

Shiri Levine

Matt Lipper

Audrey Love

Christina Lozada

Maya Martignetti

El McCabe

Sierra McCarron

Cheyenne Mendes

Tony Menza

Emmy Metzler

Ben Miller

Emma Miller

Jehan Momin

Marissa Moosic

Cynthia Moreno

Christen Moribondo

Katie Morris

Mallory Murphy

Lara Murray

Bwalya Mwaba

Annie Oldakowski

Kathryn Oram

Margaret Paules

Hanna Pedersen

Catherine Peebles

Brittney Phillips

Stephanie Phillips

Chloe Polite

Peter Puleo

Sophia Reeder

Julia Resnikoff

Izzy Riccardi

Samantha Rickels

Melissa Rios

Claire Rodgers

Beth Rogers

Kate Rolfes

Alex Rosen

Sam Roy

Lindsey Ruff

Caroline Ruocco

Kaitlin Scagluso

Caroline Schaeffer

Marcus Schenck

Caroline Schulte

Liz Semeraro

Vik Shenoy

Miles Silva

Jen Silvestri

Marissa Silvi

Lauren Smith

Nicole Srbin

Kathryn Stiadle

Turner Stulting

Lauren Swindell

Emily Tierney

Julia Tompkins

Chi Tran

Evan Turissini

Elizabeth Turpin

Kristen Verille

Tyler Wenzel

Katie Young

Class of 2017

Lindsey Aborn

Jesse Aguilar

Jacee Almond

Chaylen Andolino

Danielle Antonellis

Aleksandar Antonov

Michelle Archambault

Alyssa Benjamin

Ned Bent

Amelia Bohidar

Madison Bonessi

Courtney Burke

Reagan Cerney

Alex Cohen

Jillian Crooks

Alissa Cuellar

Chloe D’Addio

Kim Davis

Emily DeLuca

Nicolas Diaz

Lauren Dolinsky

Justin Eyster

Rebecca Forbes

Morgan Gisholt Minard

Eric Gowat

Maggie Graves

Michelle cGreenberg

Melanie Grossman

Jason Hammett

Addison Haxo

Doug Hendry

Cristal Hermosillo

Tamara Hijazi

Yuxuan Huang

Sam Jacobson

Ella Tazuana Johnson

Mack Jones

Cooper Josephs

Sam Jubb

Lexi Karpuk

Avid Khorramian

Christine King

Hallie King

Jon Leung

Shiqi Li

Michelle Lin

Taylor Lyles

Caroline MacLure

Taylor McCready

Kiera McGee

Ellie McGuire

Reid McLain

Jessica Medrano

Kerra Mercon

Mark Merino

Aaron Messersmith

Madeline Milligan

Megan Mullin

Caroline Muse

Callie Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Nina Nevarez

Marissa Norden

Caroline Orem

Rebecca Osborne

Ruairi Palmer

Martin Parian

Ellie Perry

Son Pham

Carly Reiner

Alec Rogers

Megan Ruane

Dominique Ruszala

Christie Santoro

Mariele Saunders- Shultz

Lauren Scott

Emma Sheehy

Darian Shomali

Yacouba Sidibe

Kait Smeraldo

Jorden Sneed

Katie Solley

Emily Sprague

Tegan Stanbach

Henry Stann

Savannah Straub

Nick Tatarian

Jordan Tesar

Louis Tobias

Libby Williams

Ethan Wise

Greg Wolf

Noni Wurzweiler

Dechen Yangkyi

Jake Yankauskas

Hannah Yeomans

Class of 2018

Andy Alder

Karah Barrist

Michael Birosak

Bethany Blass

Dennis Bradford

Brooke Bullek

Seneca Burgess

Jack Carroll

Keller Chambers

Ian Clark

Bestine Cong

Jason Corriveau

Charlotte Detwiler

Nghia Doan

Monica Driscoll

Casey Early

Amarachi Ekekwe

Guelmi Espinal

Lisa Francomacaro

Jacqueline Galindo

Megan Ganning

Rosalie Goldberg

Sam Greenberg

Hayley Gronenthal

Byron Huang

Max Kane

Tyler Kolar

Meghan Kovac

Abby Kreznor

Allan La

Taylor Langtry

Kamille Larrabee

Khoi Le

Esmeralda Luna

Emily Malmquist

Sarah Marchegiani

Sean McDonough

Jacob Mendelowitz

Anna Millar

Shirah Moffatt-Darko

Morgan Muller

Patrick Newhart

Emma Nicholson

Lucas Nicolois

Jonathan Palmer

David Peyman

Mukta Phatak

Jackson Pierce

Eddie Piotroski

Josh Popkin

Laura Poulton

John Quinn

Hannah Rickertsen

Jacob Rusnock

Anushikha Sharma

Johnny Shen

Taryn Urban

Cody Wan

Phoebe Wang

Xiaoyuan Emma Wang

Ryan Wilde

Dan Wright

Jiayi Xu

Graduate Students

Ian Colley

Tricia Collins

Juli Corrigan

Amy Davis

Allison Friedlander

Michelle Gallagher

Nikki King

Cherra Mathis

Ellen Robinson

Rose Saville-Iksic

Stephanie Scherer

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