EatWell program offers nutritional information

Megan Ganning, Staff Writer

The University’s Dining Services is hosting a week-long event to bring the EatWell program to campus. The EatWell program is an online tool that will offer the students, faculty, and staff of the University community an opportunity to make educated food choices. 

The EatWell program offers nutritional information for individual items at each of the University’s dining facilities and allows the user to filter menu options based on allergies. It is a useful tool for anyone interested in understanding or changing their eating habits. Dining Services Marketing Manager Janelle Bossuot has helped develop this program.

“EatWell reinforces Bucknell Dining Services’ commitment to meeting guest demand for nutritional education and personalizing menus for individuals with special dietary needs,” the Dining Services press release said.

The program can be used on the school website, on the Bucknell app, or at an EatWell kiosk at a dining area in the Elaine Langone Center.

The steps to using EatWell are as follows:

1.     Go to or the bucknell app or to an EatWell kiosk on campus

2.     Choose the dining facility you are eating at

3.     Select the food you wish to eat

4.     Choose the menu items you want to find information on

5.     Select “Item Nutrition” for your food choice

6.     To see your entire meal’s nutritional information, select your meal options and then click “add items” and then click “Meal Nutrition” to see the total nutritional content of your entire meal.

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