This week, The Bucknellian received and actively chose to publish the LGBTQ Support List. Our Opinions and Letter to the Editor policies state that we do not have to publish every submission we receive, and for those we do publish, it is stated that our publication does not necessarily maintain the same views as those expressed in the submissions. At this time, the publication and its staff would like to express our support for this list and the LGBTQ community on campus.

The list is a critical medium that allows individuals on campus to come together in support of those who have historically been marginalized, disenfranchised, or discriminated against. It allows students, alumni, faculty, and staff in the community to get involved with the issue in some capacity.

However, signing a list to show support is only the first step toward creating a community of acceptance on our campus. Actively practicing this acceptance and internalizing the mission is even more critical. While there is still plenty of work to do, this is certainly a step in the right direction in the fight for equality not only on our campus but also nationwide. The list gives hope that one day things will be better. We look forward to a time when a list is not necessary because acceptance of all is a societal norm.

Please consider this our “signature” on the Support List.

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