Campus Life: Brentano String Quartet

Gillian Feehan, Campus Life Editor

The Brentano String Quartet brought beautiful classical music to the Weis Center for the Performing Arts on Oct. 4.

The Brentano String Quartet was formed in 1992 and is named after Antonie Brentano, whom is considered to be Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved.” The Quartet consists of Misha Amory on the viola, Serena Canin and Mark Steinberg on the violin, and Nina Lee on the cello.

During the two-hour performance, the Brentano String Quartet played three musical compositions: Mozart’s Quartet K. 458 (“The Hunt”), Bartók’s Quartet No. 3, and Schubert’s Quartet No. 14 in D minor (“Death and the Maiden”). The compositions were long and complex, and the Quartet often went from playing mellow tunes one minute to furious, energetic tunes the next. The Quartet members played perfectly in time and tune with one another, and through rocking back and forth while playing, they appeared to become one with the music.

The Weis Center was filled with audience members of all ages who came to enjoy an evening of classical music. The audience seemed enthralled by the music and sat silently captivated during the long compositions.

“It was a different experience to have at Bucknell. The music was fun to both listen to and watch as the performers played in perfect unison,” Zander Slavitz ’15 said.

The next Weis Center event will held on Oct. 17 and will feature music by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Allen Toussaint.

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