Field trip introduces students to art industry

Madeline Diamond, News Editor

Professor of Art History Christiane Andersson will be leading the 10th annual Rothschild-Johnson Art Weekend in New York City from Oct. 17-19.

This free networking trip is endowed by the University alumni Rothschild and Johnson families. The trip is targeted at art history majors and seeks to familiarize them with the art industry.

“The trip introduces art history majors to careers they can enter in the NYC art world, such as the following: they can become museum curators, work in Sotheby’s or Christie’s art auction houses, in commercial art galleries selling contemporary art in the Chelsea district of NYC, become an independent curator at ICI, curate a private collection, etc.,” Andersson said.

Students will visit several galleries in New York City and meet University alumni who work in the art industry, including the Rothschild family. They will also have the opportunity to view the Rothschild’s art collection. Students will visit Christie’s Auction House and get an in-depth tour of Sotheby’s Auction House with University alumni as well. 

“Students can benefit from the trip by learning what types of jobs are available to them upon graduation with an art or art history degree, and by networking with NYC Bucknellians who can help ‘get their foot in the door,’” Andersson said.

Since the trip is free for students, a limited number of students are permitted to attend. Andersson plans to hold a Jobs & Internships in the Arts Alumni Career Panel on Oct. 20 at 5:30 p.m. in Bucknell Hall. Students will hear from University alumni working in the art industry from New York and Philadelphia at this event as well.

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