Campus life: Unity event

Danielle Agostini, Contributing Writer

The University’s Class of 2016 held a special Class Unity event this past weekend. On Oct. 18, members of the junior class congress put together a fun event from 1-4 p.m. on the Vedder Volleyball Court. This gathering included free food, music, games, and great conversation.

The Class of 2016 Unity Event had its presence heard loud and clear with upbeat music. Those walking nearby could also catch wind of the scents emitted from the vast array of food. The menu included sweet and sour and teriyaki meatballs, garlic bread with bison dip, BBQ and mild wings, cookies, and much more. Students had the opportunity to catch up with old friends or make new ones.

“The Class Unity event was a great way to bring our class together because there was good food and good company, which is the perfect combination. I hope that future events are this successful, and I hope that our class knows how much we truly value their support and opinions,” Class of 2016 Vice President Alex Rosen ’16 said.

The location served the purpose of the event well. It was a large enough space for people to spread out and relax, and was also strategically placed so those interested were easily able to attend. Also, if anyone wanted to break out their sand volleyball skills, the court was available as well.

Class President Connor McLaughlin ’16 was very pleased with how the day went.

“I thought the Class of 2016 unity event went incredibly well, and I personally was very impressed with our class’s turnout. It was great seeing everyone take some time out of their Saturday afternoon to bond over food, music, and fun. Attendance was so good that we ran out of food about halfway through the event, so there were admittedly some juniors that were disappointed to have not gotten their sweet and sour meatballs or pigs in a blanket,” McLaughlin said.

The 2016 Class Congress will likely be hosting a similar event in the spring, and this time McLaughlin promises that there will be even more food to go around.

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