PYMK: Professors

Jen Lassen, Senior Editor

Julie Gates, associate professor of biology
Where you went to college: University of Wisconsin-Madison for undergraduate; University of Utah for graduate school
Subject you teach/your main discipline: “Biology. My research focus is the sub-disipline of developmental biology, or how a single cell, the fertilized egg, is transformed into a functioning organism. Specifically, I study how tissues and organs are formed during embryonic development.”
Hometown: Madison, Wis.
Favorite spot on campus: “Sojka Pavilion just before tip off of a basketball game.”

Favorite song/musician/band: “Gigantic” by the Pixies
Ghislaine McDayter, professor of English
Where you went to college: “I went to Victoria College, University of Toronto and then Duke University for my Ph.D.”
Subject you teach/your main discipline: 19th century British Literature
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario in Canada
Favorite spot on campus: ‘The Grove. It always gives me a lift.”
Favorite song/musician/band: “A Common Disaster” by Cowboy Junkies
Barry Long, associate professor of music, University Arts Coordinator
Where you went to college: Berklee College of Music for undergraduate; Eastman School of Music for graduate school
Subject you teach/your main discipline: Jazz
Hometown: Harrisburg, Pa.
Favorite spot on campus: “Hearing live jazz in Bucknell Hall every month.”
Favorite song/musician/band: “It’s impossible to pick just one, but for me it always comes back to Miles Davis.”
Fernando Blanco, assistant professor of Spanish
Where you went to college: University of Chile for undergraduate; Ohio State University for graduate school
Subject you teach/your main discipline: Latin American Studies – Literature & Cultures; Memory & Gender Studies
Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Favorite spot on campus: “Coleman Hall 56 … this semester!”
Favorite song/musician/band: Sting
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