“Elemental” reminds viewers of the outside world

Bridget Shaffrey, Staff Writer

There are a lot of things I forget about the outside world while in the “Bucknell Bubble.” We all do. It’s part of being at our University–for a few months, you get to escape the real problems of the rest of the world and grow in an isolated community. However, this façade only lasts so long, and soon the bubble is burst by an invisible pin that represents the realities we have seem to forgotten about. This is what watching “Elemental” was like for me. My bubble was burst and I faced something I had long forgotten about. I often seem to forget about the health of our world. I look outside and see that the trees are changing colors like they should be, or that squirrels are still collecting nuts, or any other naturalistic patterns that seem to be acting as they should. As a result, I forget about the real environmental problems, and then go back to whatever I’m doing. Imagine watching “Elemental,” a documentary following three people and their fight to protect the environment, with that mindset. It struck me that not only had I forgotten about the planet, but I had been ignoring it. “Elemental” adds shock value that isn’t meant to scare you, but rather to remind you of a problem that we will soon not be able to ignore. It shows you how real global warming is and that if we don’t change things soon we won’t have the chance to. Beyond the themes expressed, “Elemental” has beautiful cinematography that really captures both the gravity of the problem and what is at stake. The movie is both well-paced and captivating and is generally a film that everyone should see.

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