This Week in Sports History: Oct 24th-Oct 30th

This Week in Sports History:

Oct. 24, 1857 – The world’s first soccer club, Sheffield FC, is founded in England.
Oct. 25, 1986 – Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner misplays ground ball; the New York Mets won game six of the World Series.
Oct. 26, 1985 – NBA player Monta Ellis is born.
Oct. 27, 2004 – The Boston Red Sox win World Series for first time in 86 years.
Oct. 28, 1973 – Sharon Miller wins the LPGA Corpus Christi Civitan Open.
Oct. 29, 1960 – Muhammad Ali beats Tunney Hunsaker in his first professional fight.
Oct. 30, 1993 – Toronto Maple Leafs lose first game of season after going 10-0-0.

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