Homecoming Host: Caesar Vulley


Ashley Freeby & Alec Rogers - The Bucknellian

Doug Hendry, Sports Editor

Name: Caesar Vulley ’15

Major: Neuroscience

Extracurricular activities on campus: Rotaract Club (founder and president), Bucknell’s Africa Student Association (BASA), Residential Advisor, research in developmental biology.

What does being a Homecoming Host mean to you?

“It’s just another great opportunity to represent the University and connect alumni to an experience that I believe is very important to them. It’s also for them to give me a glimpse of what it means to be a Bucknell alum.”

Why did you want to be a Homecoming Host?

“It’s a great way to give back. I’m really grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here at Bucknell. I support college students, and since I can’t really give money back right now, I want to find ways to represent the University and hold the University in high esteem. I became a Homecoming Host because I wanted to give back to the University in this way.”

How do you think this opportunity will benefit you?

“It’s a great way to meet people and plenty of successful Bucknell alumni. To be able to connect with such people and talk about what I should expect from life after Bucknell can give me confidence with my degree and in other areas like that. It will be a great way to get a glimpse of life outside of Bucknell based on what I’ve experienced here.”

Which Homecoming event are you most looking forward to?

“There’s an event with alumni who have given back for a certain number of years that I’m interested in. Again, I’m very passionate about giving back to the University, and so I’m really excited to meet other people who are equally passionate if not more passionate than I am about giving back. I want to see how these alumni are recognized in the way that they are recognized.”

What advice would you give to future Homecoming Hosts?

“Take pride in it and represent the University as best as you can. It’s supposed to be fun, so have fun. Engage with alumni as much as you can. Those are the three biggest things in my opinion.”

What do you think about the other Homecoming Hosts you are working with?

“I think they are a fantastic group of people. That’s one of the most honorable things, to be a part of a group that is recognized as some of the most distinguished student leaders on campus. I think from meeting them (I knew most of them before this), they are just a fantastic group of people.”

What’s your favorite thing about Homecoming?

“Honestly, it’s not even an event in particular, it’s the idea of coming home because it just shows how a place like Bucknell can have such an impact on you that you become so fond of it that you call it home. You come back to visit and spend a weekend here, and you’re really coming home to reconnect with such memorable experiences. I really like that idea.”

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