Homecoming Host: Erica Gaugler


Ashley Freeby & Alec Rogers - The Bucknellian

Tom Bonan, Opinions Editor

Name: Erica Gaugler

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Minor: None

Extracurricular: Founding member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, Catholic Campus Ministry, Tau Beta Pi Honors Society, Biomedical Engineering Society, Mortar Board

Why did you want to be a Homecoming Host?
“I saw it as a good opportunity to stay involved on campus during my senior year and past graduation, and to serve the rest of my senior class. Plus I love Bucknell so representing the school in this way is an honor.”

How do you think this opportunity will benefit you?
“I think it’s been a great opportunity to meet so many new people. Having an opportunity to meet people and stay connected with Bucknell after graduation and help people have similar experiences to me. It also adds a confidence factor because I know a lot of people that are really involved on campus and I have become one myself.”

Which Homecoming event are you most looking forward to?
“I am pretty excited for the Dueling Piano event, but also a lot of the tent events because of the amount of alumni involvement there.”

What advice would you give to future Homecoming Hosts?
“I would say that you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get involved with the senior class. It’s a huge responsibility but also a huge honor. Keep in mind you aren’t just representing yourself, but also the larger Bucknell community.”

What do you think about the other Homecoming Hosts you are working with?
“Working with them has been great. They are all really outgoing and take the initiative on everything. Having spread that Bucknell pride with them has been amazing.”

What’s your favorite thing about homecoming?
“My favorite thing is to see how many alumni come back–not just last year’s graduating class but some from years and years ago. You really get to see the strength of the alumni network at this school.”

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