Homecoming Host: Colin Hassell


Ashley Freeby & Alec Rogers - The Bucknellian

Emily Evancho, Print Managing Editor

 Name: Colin Hassell ’15

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Extracurriculars: President of Class of 2015, Head Reunion Ambassador, Chi Phi fraternity, Residential Advisor, Member of the Society and Technology Residential College, WeDo student volunteer

What is a Homecoming Host?
“That’s a great question. To me, the Homecoming Host represents a link between past and present Bucknellians. It is also an opportunity to rekindle that connection.”
Why did you want to be a Homecoming Host?
“During my time at Bucknell, I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of people who have taken me under their wing and really make my Bucknell experience memorable. Given this, I try to give back to the University in as many ways as possible and I view the Homecoming Host as a way to do this.”
How do you think this opportunity will benefit you?
“I’m really not doing this as a benefit to me. Through my past alumni involvement I’ve had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people and hear about all their life experiences. I’m a big believer in learning from others and I think this is another opportunity to do that and make some lasting connections.”
Which homecoming event are you looking forward to most?
“The homecoming concert.”
What is your favorite part of homecoming?
“I really love going to the football game and also meeting a lot of new people.”
What advice would you give to future Homecoming Hosts?
“Meet as many people as possible. Also be open to learning new things. You’ll be surprised by what you learn.”
What do you think about your fellow Homecoming Hosts?
“They’re awesome. They are a great group of people who represent all aspects of Bucknell. I think we work well together.”

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