What a Ship Show

Gillian Feehan, Campus Life Editor

Students gathered in the Elaine Langone Center (ELC) student space on Oct. 24 to play “What a [Relation]Ship Show!” The game show was sponsored by Activities and Campus Events (ACE) and run by an outside company.

“What a Ship Show!” is similar to “The Newlywed Game.” Adam Ace, a man in a snazzy red suit, hosted the game show. Audience members had to participate in games to get on stage; for example, in one round, the best dancers were chosen to be contestants.

Once members were selected for the game show, they sat in chairs on stage that were separated by a sheet. Each set of partners was asked a question, such as “Where can you find your partner on a Sunday?” The person on one side of the sheet thought of an answer for themselves, and the person on the other side of the sheet had to answer the question based on what they thought their partner would say. Then, the partners determined whether their answers matched.

The team that got the most questions correct won the round. Winners were awarded cash prizes or items that went in pairs, such as phone cases.

“The prizes and cash for the winning pairs of the night made each round really competitive. It was really entertaining to watch, and the food hit the spot!” Caitlin Flynn ’15 said.

Students were also able to eat food—food that went in pairs, of course—such as chips and dip, milk and cookies, and cheese and crackers.

“It was a generally fun event with good food, but it was definitely uncomfortable for everyone on and off stage with some of the question choices. If they were to do this event again, the types of questions should be funny and facilitate nicer answers,” Mary Morris ’15 said.


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