BSG Constitution put to student vote

Madeline Diamond, News Editor

After changes to the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) Constitution were rejected by a student vote last semester, BSG is hosting two seminars and providing students with information about the proposed Constitution before it is put to a campus-wide vote Nov. 3-5. BSG representatives voted on Oct. 26 to bring the proposed constitution to a student vote.

“BSG is excited to present a revised Constitution to the student body, as we believe our community deserves a more representative and democratic institution to voice its opinion,” BSG President Loren Jablon ’15 said.

The first informational seminar for students took place on Oct. 30 and the second will be held on Nov. 3 in the Elaine Langone Center (ELC) Forum.

Jablon, Vice President of Operations Whitney Tatem ’15, Clinton Kittrell ’14, and Mitchell McBride have fronted this initiative, and have taken student feedback into account when planning these open discussions.

An email to students highlighted some of the notable changes to the Constitution, which include a clarification of vague and contradictory language and making the two-house congress structure permanent with 40 senators and 20 representatives.

“The proposed Constitution’s clearer voting, membership, and vacancy procedures additionally aim to allow BSG to operate more efficiently in the future,” Jablon said. “The recently implemented two-house structure is extremely effective. Giving students the opportunity to run for specific committee positions, as opposed to only general class congress seats, allows students to focus on areas of campus life they are passionate about.”

Jablon also noted in her email to students that the goals of the proposed Constitution include better representation of all student interests and making BSG more democratic overall.

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