Campus life: Tartuffe review

Caroline Wenzel, Contributing Writer

University students performed Molière’s French comedy “Tartuffe” on Oct.31-Nov.3. The audience, comprised of Lewisburg and University community members, nearly filled the Harvey M. Powers Theatre each day of the production.

Directed by Biliana Stoytcheva-Horissian, the production portrays a family joined by a hypocritical houseguest named Tartuffe. The father, Orgon, hopes to wed his daughter to Tartuffe, but Tartuffe is trying to seduce Orgon’s wife. Orgon’s admiration for Tartuffe blinds him from who Tartuffe really is. Other names for the production are actually called “The Imposter” and “The Hypocrite.” The storyline itself borders on sad, for a family is unknowingly manipulated by a man they trust. If it wasn’t shielded in humor, the entire production might be perceived differently.

Jack Harrison ’18 recognized and appreciated that humor.

“The production was much funnier than I thought it was going to be. I’m taking an acting class, so I wanted to come and support my fellow actors. Overall I thought it was great, and I’m so happy I came,” Harrison said.

Other students felt that the play was a little too outdated.

“The plotline was difficult to understand, and the form of speech was hard to decipher. The students in the production, however, were extremely talented. I just wished there was a little more change of set, instead of sticking to just one backdrop,” Alex Puleo ’18 said.

The cast enjoyed working together, and that was clear through their on-stage chemistry. Estie Pyper ’16, who played the role of Madame Pernelle, thought the preparation was great but also challenging.

“The most challenging part I think for everyone was working in this time period and getting used to their style of dress and posture. We worked from the very start with coats and corsets and our upright posture. The verse of the lines was also a challenge, because it can be easy to get caught up in the rhyme and not pay attention to what you are actually trying to say,” Pyper said.

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