New comedy club takes the stage


Victoria Hollo, Staff Writer

The University’s new comedy club, “The ’Nell Party,” will be hosting its first event on Nov. 7 in Coleman 151 at 7 p.m. Members Shiri Levine ’16, Evan Turissini ’16, Max Prizant ’18, and Josh Popkin ’18 will each be performing original, 10-minute sets.

“This should be such a cool show because all of our styles are so different and unique to our personalities,” Levine said

Founded this fall by Josh Popkin ’18, Tyler Kolar ’18, and Bobby Watters ’18, The ’Nell Party is the University’s newest stand-up and sketch comedy club.

“We all love stand-up and wanted to start the club to show other students our work. Our goal is very simple: we want to make the students at Bucknell crack up,” Popkin said.

According to Popkin, the name of the club is derived from two ideas.

“We are like a political party in the way that we all buy into the same ideas and beliefs. While we are a diverse group of individuals, we come together as a whole to share on common goal: making others laugh. Second, the club is like an actual party because we have so much fun.”

The ’Nell Party now consists of 15 members, with one half focusing on stand-up and and the other half on making sketch videos. The club’s first sketch “Professors Reading Yaks,” based off of the Jimmy Kimmel “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” videos, was posted on the group’s Facebook page on Nov. 4. Most of the members of the club are in the same foundation seminar entitled Ethnic Comedy, taught by Associate Professor of English Meenakshi Ponnuswami, who also serves as the club’s adviser. Their logo was drawn by Lena Miskulin ’18.

To find out more information about The ’Nell Party, students can access the group’s Facebook page. 

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