BSG to gauge student concerns through Campus Climate Panel

Madeline Diamond, News Editor

In order to discuss issues important to University students, Bucknell Student Government (BSG) will hold its second annual Campus Climate Panel on Nov. 11 at 7:30 p.m. in Trout Auditorium. The Student Advocacy Committee will be leading this event.

A panel of eight students not affiliated with BSG will discuss issues that they believe are most relevant to University students.

“From this pool of applicants, my committee and I selected eight based on the applicant’s areas of expertise and concern. We wanted to make sure the panel consisted of a diverse range of students who represented multiple facets of Bucknell’s culture,” Student Advocacy Committee Chair Alex Rosen ’16 said.

BSG’s Student Advocacy Committee is responsible for directly connecting students with changes in BSG.

“I am the representative of the general concerns of the Bucknell community, and I work with the administration and BSG as a whole to ensure that the student voice is heard,” Rosen said.

Rosen noted that according to a recent survey released by BSG, the most prominent concerns of the student body in regard to student life include the prominence of Greek life, a lack of sober activities, class scheduling, and the price and variety of campus dining options. The panel may discuss these issues, although Rosen speculated that the event will cover a broad range of topics.

The Campus Climate Report was released after University President John Bravman assembled the Campus Climate Task Force in 2010 to address concerns about the behavior and attitudes of University students. The report found that a lack of student engagement, the presence of Greek life, sexual assault, and a lack of diversity were among the most significant issues.

The Campus Climate Panel was created last year by Senior Class President Loren Jablon ’15, former Senior Class President Kelsea Alderman ’14, and former BSG Representative Sophie Van Pelt ’14 in response to the University’s 2011 Campus Climate Report as a way for students to voice their opinions about the report and the issues students face on campus.

According to Jablon, last year’s panel discussed topics including student involvement, leadership opportunities, and academic engagement. BSG then took these conversations into account and sponsored several programs, such as the Lessons on Leadership (LOL) series and a modified Take Your Professor Out (TYPO) program.

“It is my hope that the Campus Climate Panel becomes a longstanding tradition at the University, as students deserve a forum to talk about community in a large group setting. The beauty of this event is its ability to bring together diverse groups who normally would have very limited interaction,” Jablon said.

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