Majority Approve BSG Constitution Revisions

Brianna Marshall, Senior Writer

The revised Bucknell Student Government (BSG) constitution was passed by 87 percent of student voters on Nov. 6. The revised constitution lays out more explicit voting procedures and clearer language on the checks and balances within BSG, while better representing all students.

“While the average Bucknell student might not see how the BSG constitution affects their collegiate experience, BSG’s constitution impacts the way in which BSG operates,” BSG President Loren Jablon ’15 said.

BSG adopted the congressional model and now has a House and Senate. The Senate encompasses Class Congresses, each consisting of a class President, Vice President, Secretary/ Treasurer, and seven Representatives for a total of 40 Senators. The House consists of 20 Delegates, which are distributed between Internal Committees including Academic, Advocacy, Community Affairs, Diversity, Public Affairs, and Student Organization Review Board.

The student-run government is now also more accountable in planning campus-wide signature events, which include the Take Your Professor Out (TYPO) Program, the annual Campus Climate panel, football and basketball tailgates, the Diversity Leadership Summit, and finals massage chairs and fast food frenzy.

Additionally, the constitution established standards for internal BSG procedures including the filling of vacancies and removal from office.

The campus-wide votes lasted from Nov. 3-5. The majority of voters approved the constitution despite no one attending the two information sessions on Oct. 30 and Nov. 3 about the changes.

“My executive board and I are extremely proud of BSG Congress for its hard work, insight, and commitment to improving campus life over the past few months,” Jablon said.

Vice President of Administration CJ Moy ’15 created a map highlighting these changes. The display is in the Elaine Langone Center.

The revised constitution was created in spring 2014 through the work of Vice President of Operations Whitney Tatem ’15 and former Vice President of Administration and BSG Representative Clinton Kittrell ’14. BSG representatives voted to bring the constitution to a campus-wide vote during congress on Oct. 26.

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