HP Spoofs

By Tracy Lum


The magic of Harry Potter has inspired numerous spoofs, parodies and fan fictions. Some comment, extend and even completely rewrite the stories. For those who can’t get enough Potter, check out the following.

A Very Potter Musical

This fan musical written and produced by University of Michigan students in 2009 illustrates Harry’s journey through song. With newly “Gleeked” Darren Criss as Harry Potter, the musical revisits the most memorable moments of the series with an edgy, irreverent twist. Relive the magic with numbers like “Get Back to Hogwarts” and “Granger Danger.” Watch closely and you might even spot a cameo by Zac Efron. (For more, see http://www.teamstarkid.com/projects/a-very-potter-musical/)

Potter Puppet Pals

The Potter Puppet Pals have been entertaining YouTube audiences for years with sketches like “Potions Class,” “Wizard Angst” and “Wizard Swears.” Though the series began with cartoon-style puppets, creators Neil and Emmy Cicierega have now fashioned and filmed actual Potter Puppets. Check out the latest sketch, “Draco Puppet” at www.potterpuppetpals.com.

Wizard People

“Wizard People” mutes all sound on the original “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” film and replaces it with the gravely narration of comic book artist Brad Neely. Neely retells the first film, renaming characters, places and events, describing them with his characteristic dark humor. Fans can simply download the soundtrack to accompany their own muted versions of the film, or they can look up the videos on YouTube. Either way, join the “Wretched Harmony” and “Hardcastle McCormick” for some re-imagined Potter adventures.

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter

The moment has finally arrived. Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he and Harry Potter are one and the same. In this spoof, Radcliffe says, “I thought I was an actor playing a wizard, but really I was a wizard playing an actor.” Funny? Maybe, but check it out nevertheless: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/a1c04ce68e/i-am-harry-potter.

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