First TYPO luncheon connects students and faculty

Becky Tanner, Contributing Writer

The Bucknell Student Government (BSG) Academic Affairs Committee held its first Take Your Professor Out (TYPO) luncheon on Oct. 23 in Hunt Hall. The event provided a complimentary lunch for students and professors in an informal and conversational setting. The gathering was situated in a group setting and was primarily student-driven. The students were required to apply in order to receive the privilege of dining with some professors from the University.

Josh Popkin ’18 met with one of his favorite instructors, Assistant Professor of Spanish Fernando Blanco. Popkin mentioned that the group he dined with discussed diversity, including the diversity in the United States in contrast to the world and to the University. During their discussion, one student spoke of his Chinese heritage and his assimilation to the United States and to the University.

“[I was] surprised to learn about the difficult adjustments that this particular student had in coming to Bucknell,” Popkin said.

From there, the conversation took another turn and grappled with the topic of cultural identity and integration.

“[The group] spent some time talking about stereotypes and how we react to the cultural and political practice of ‘labeling’ and ‘invisibilizing’ human beings,” Blanco said.

The students at the event were provided with a description of each professor in order to generate questions and propel the conversation. The students were able to gain insight into other classes from some of the professors at the gathering, and were also able to draw a deeper connection to their current professors.

Popkin explained how he was able to get a better sense of Blanco’s life outside of school and some of the similarities they shared in their interests beyond the study of Spanish.

Both participants agreed that the event was very successful. Blanco and Popkin both enjoyed the opportunity to share their experiences over lunch.

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